Welcome to My Opportunity !!

If you are on this page you likely run a home business , or are looking for an extra source of income.

First , I would like to say , if you are not interested in running a business, and just  want to experience the benefits of the most awesome travel and lifestyle community around, then click the "Little Blue Sign " link to the left.. membership has no conditions of having to run a business.

So why did I choose Travel as my Business Passion ?

Most people will say YES to "do you like to travel?" Many of them will say YES to the likelihood of getting paid to do it!

Most home businesses sell a product that is either a fad, not for everybody , or is in constant need of new customers.

Am I right ? 

I know this because I have been involved in most of them . Pills, Potions, gadgets. Up against massive competition and excuses.

I can help you with all of these issues

What would it mean if all you had to do was expose people to Luxury Vacations at 2 Star rates?

Taking vacations on a budget without giving up the quality of the experience?

Taking the same vacations you always take but at a fraction of the cost ?

Joining a community that not only takes great vacations , but experiences a lifestyle of savings , and VIP treatment 

and my Favorite part...
Not being required to pressure friends and family into selling something for you!

That’s what we are here to help you find out .

Rise from the Ashes my friend!


Contact me from the contact page and I will contact you personally and help you know how this can be your reality

Want to travel and get PAID to do it ?